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Venetkens. Viaggio nella terra dei Veneti antichi

Venetkens. Viaggio nella terra dei Veneti antichi

For more than thirty years since the last exhibition, the civilization of the ancient Venetians returned to Padua, from 6 April to 17 November at the prestigious Palazzo della Ragione in Padua.
The event, named "Venetkens. Journey to the land of ancient Venetians, "& nbsp; will be one of the main events and characters of the city of Padua, for numbers and characteristics, promises to be one of the largest exhibitions ever Italian for the year 2013.
The event, sponsored and organized by the Culture of Padua, by the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of the Veneto and Group ICAT, and marketing communications agency, is proposed as a real journey through time and space, aimed at present daily life, land, commercial activities, the ceremonial funeral and artistic expressions of people who lived in the area of ​​the Northeast Italian during the first millennium BC


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